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Kevin Gascoyne
Kevin Gascoyne, tea-taster and founder of Kyela Teas, Sri Lanka, 2005.

Dear regulars and newcomers, before I leave for India for the First Flush Darjeelings I want to tell you about a very exciting new project that I have been putting together with a group of tea taster friends of mine. These three distinguished gents have been scouring Asia's other premium tea-growing regions for years and importing fine leaf for an international clientele of discerning tea enthusiasts. Hugo Americi specializes in Taiwanese oolongs and leaves every May for the mountains there to select from the Spring harvest.

Jasmin Desharnais specializes in Chinese teas spending every Spring combing the gardens of China's growing regions for premium leaf.

Francois Marchand has traveled for tea all over Taiwan and Japan. He will be leaving this Spring for Southern China.

We have also developed some new look packaging to go with the new Camellia Sinensis website. Our trusty warehouse manager Sebastian will be taking care of orders while we concentrate on our tea quest.

Together we have put together a new website named Camellia Sinensis after teas botanical nomenclature. In the new catalogue we have put together a list of around 160 teas from around the world (depending on the season) with focus on Asia's premium growing regions.

Kyela Teas will continue to operate as my "behind the scenes" import company specializing in Darjeeling tea. Continuing our "fresh from the tea gardens- directly to the client" policy that gave the Kyela Teas Catalogue its international reputation.

So I invite you to visit the new home for my annual Darjeeling catalogue and all the other fine teas that our group have put together.

All the best,
Kevin Gascoyne,

Kevin Gascoyne

Darjeeling Tea

"The District of Darjeeling, high in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas, produces the most sophisticated and fragrant black teas that the world has to offer. Collectively the 87 "tea-gardens"in this tiny region create the tea equivalent of an appellation of French wine. The sub-tropical, high altitude conditions are at the very extremity of the tea plant's tolerance. As with other plants that excel when pushed to their limits such as coffee, olives and grapes, hardship increases the chemical compounds reponsible for the leaves' aromatic qualities. For 150 years Darjeeling has held its worldwide reputation as the "champagne of black teas" intently focussed on the very labour-intensive, perfection of taste. At auction the First and Second Flush Darjeeling teas fetch the elevated prices that support the region's industry for the whole year."

Kevin Gascoyne, "Eat" Magazine, Tokyo 2001.

For more information on the Darjeeling District and its tea industry visit the web site.

Samabeong's DJ02 First Flush 2001 in the withering trough.

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